Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cairo... the city that never sleeps

The past couple of days have been spent in Cairo, a huge city of roughly 20 million people. The first thing I noticed about it is its striking resemblance to Mumbai. The city is bustling and full of life, the traffic is crazy, the heat overwhelming and the vibe - fantastic!

We met Mike at the Brothers Hostel - the most amazing hostel ever! The rooms are so clean with high ceilings, attentive staff, air conditioning, and comfortable beds.

So far, we've visited the National Museum and wandered up the Nile at night (when the city really comes alive) to enjoy spectacular views of the Opera House, the glittering buildings and various monuments. Today was spent wandering in Islamic Cairo along the narrow streets to see Mosques, mausoleums, bazaars. We've had a few "only in Cairo moments" so far:

  • We've successfully managed to cross streets in traffic. It's like playing Frogger.
  • We walked by a camel in an alleyway.
  • We bought a carton of mango juice and drank it in an alley on the curb.
Tomorrow we're heading to Giza to see the pyramids and after that we begin our long journey into Jordan.

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