Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some pictures :)

First up is to wish a Happy Birthday to Derek and Amy, who are both a year wiser today!

These two pictures are from Beirut. The first shows us standing in front of a mosque, a church and an archealogical site. The second is a motorboat cruising the Mediterranean by Rawshe Rock, which you may recognize from pictures in Shwarma places.

These pics were taken today in Luxor, where we went sightseeing in the Valley of the Kings and saw 3 tombs, then to a few temples on the East and West banks of the Nile (including Karnak).

It was ridiculously hot yet again, but we started off early in our bus with 2 Aussies, an Argentinian and our Egyptian guide. We bonded for the next 6 hours over ancient ruins, the heat, our professions, travelling, Diego Maradona and American cinema.

After we got back to the city, Simon and I walked (walked!!) to Karnak temple for some more pictures. Tomorrow we're up early again to catch a flight to Cairo and meet up with Mike. After chatting with the Aussies today, I wish I had planned for more time to visit the Red Sea for scuba diving. Maybe next time...

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