Saturday, October 3, 2009

The heat wave goes on...

Today, after having a delicious baguette and cheese for breakfast (ooh la la, how French of us!) we made our way to the airport and to Luxor via Cairo. Though our Egyptair flight out of Beirut was delayed we managed to clear customs and catch our Cairo-Luxor flight in the nick of time.

By some act of randomness, we both ended up being the only two passengers in first class which was pretty sweet! This entitled us to newspapers in English, a meal, special attention, and most importantly, mango juice (anyone can win me over with food and exotic juices).

We landed in Luxor at around 3:30 PM in 36-degree heat and made our way to the hostel. It's the nicest one I've seen in yet - it's big, clean, structurally sound, has a rooftop terrace and welcome drinks for us. We even have towels, air con and a balcony! And it's SUPER cheap (about $6 CAD per night).

Once the sun started to set and it cooled down a bit (to 30 degrees) we went exploring along the Nile, stopping at the Luxor Museum and the Luxor Temple (which took my breath away). If my camera battery hadn't died, I'd post some pictures up now. Luxor in general is well maintained and tourist-friendly. I can't hardly wait for what's to come tomorrow (Valley of the Kings!).

My only regret is packing only 2 t-shirts. They're both disgusting and I don't think this place has laundry...

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