Sunday, November 8, 2009


Enjoy the following pictures of the well-preserved, marble-covered splendors of Ephesus, formely the capital of the Roman Empire in Asia Minor. The impressive city housed 200,000 mostly wealthy inhabitants.

Um... I appreciate your honesty? (Courtesy of a shop outside the gate).

The altar from the massive Church of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that she came to Ephesus with St John after the crucifixion. This church is also the site of the Third Ecumenical Council (in 427 A.D.? I am not sure of the year).

One of the many sarcophagi scattered around the necropolis.

The Stadium (could seat about 25,000 people)

No attraction in Turkey is complete without a big dose of cuteness. A litter of kittens were stalking and pouncing on their mother's tail.

The stunning Celsus Library is the highlight of the ancient city

The Temple of Hadrian - with Medusa frieze.

The marble street leading up to the town hall. The street was lined with a bath house, the public latrines, a brothel (actually it turned out to be a private home), private residences (with mosaic floors), fountains, temples and tombs.

Here we are sitting in a smaller theatre at the top of the hill.

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