Monday, November 9, 2009

Last day in Selçuk...

Our last day in Selçuk was busy and yet very relaxing at the same time (we are taking the bus to Istanbul tonight).

We visited the Basilica of St John - a sprawling ruin of a once-majestic church built up on a hill overlooking the Temple of Artemis and the Mosque of Isa Bey. The church was referred to as "the Church of the Cross" because it was the most significant cruciform church and it received many pilgrims (visiting St John's tomb).

Afterward, we went to a hamam for the much-hyped Turkish bath experience that everyone insisted we have. It was actually quite nice - we sat in a steam room to sweat for about half an hour before we were scrubbed with loofahs, soaped up, massaged and left to shower. Though the heat was sometimes uncomfortable, we left clean and relaxed and ready for naps (but not before grabbing a delicious lunch at a pide restaurant).

Being in the vicinity of so many barbers enticed Dan to get the male equivalent of a luscious pedicure: a straight-edge shave. For a mere 15 lira he got "the closest, most loving shave of all time", a haircut and a massage. He was especially impressed by the barber's skillful use of an open flame to singe off any hairs he may have missed. I'm sure Dan will be raving about Turkey's finest barber for some time. I posted before and after pictures below.

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