Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keeping it low-key in Selçuk

It's already Sunday and I'm feeling a bit sad about my vacation coming to an end (however I feel as though I have been away forever so maybe I'll be happy to be home again). We had a fun night at the ANZ Guest house with the other backpackers - we were really excited to have the opportunity to raid the large collection of pirated VHS tapes and watch English movies which we've grown to miss (we didn't watch any good movies but we still had fun!).

We visited the Ephesus museum today to see the relics from Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis (pictured is an original marble statue from the temple and a model of how the Temple used to look).

Dan is not feeling very well so we are relaxing in town for the rest of the day and planning to visit St John's Basilica and the Byzantine Aquaduct tomorrow. As for the amazing mountain hikes on the Aegean Coast... I think we'll have to come back to Turkey. We are planning to head back to Istanbul on Tuesday and spend the rest of our time there until we fly out.

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