Thursday, November 5, 2009

The ruins of Fethiye

The morning downpour unfortunately put the kibosh on our paragliding plans so after our Swiss-Aussie buddies left for Ephesus, we continued to explore the town.

Fethiye is a town that was literally built around Lycian ruins. We stumbled upon a Roman theatre, a Crusader fortress up on the hill, the tomb of Amyntas carved into the cliffs, and sarcophagi scattered around the town.

We checked out of the İdeal Pension and went to a much nicer hostel: Yildirim Guesthouse, which we highly recommend. Our host even rescheduled paragliding in Ölüdeniz.

Passing through the market we picked up a big box of Turkish Delight - yummy with coffee. The whole box was 5 lira so we're debating stocking up before we leave today for Selçuk in the afternoon (after paragliding!).

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  1. Still a great read. I feel like I'm there. Canada is going to feel bland after all of this fantastic culture.